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Howard Ross

As a youngster, Howard Ross spent endless hours listening to blues and R&B on late night radio. He spent his allowance mail ordering rare imported blues and R&B records. Forty-five years later his soulful, mature voice and unique guitar style effectively communicate the heart of the blues.

The Full Count Blues Band is a 5 piece group consisting of frontman Howard Ross (guitar/lead vocal) and regulars Greg Stokman on drums, Nick Succi on bass, Joe Lambert on sax and Phil Manning on the Hammond. The band was founded by Howard Ross in 1986 and has since played hundreds of concert and club venues both as a headline act and as opener for the likes of Johnny Winter, Bo Diddley, Downchild and others.

The Full Count Blues  covers a wide range of material, from country to classic rock. Their specialty, however is R&B and blues from artists including Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King and Eric Clapton. Howard Ross is a refined blues/R&B songwriter himself and several of his works are included in Full Count's repertoire.

The Full Count Blues Band
has received significant media exposure through several radio features and television appearances.
The band has enjoyed a broad public acceptance and a growing, loyal audience both for it's imaginative cover renditions and its well crafted original tunes.

The Full Count Blues Band is highly professional, not only in performing original and cover material, but also in stage presence and audience interaction. While blues and R&B is their staple, their music appeals to a wider audience, including anyone with a love for energetic performance and musicianship.

While The Full Count Blues Band has become a club favourite in the greater Toronto area, they are pleased to perform venues in other locales.


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